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Maintenance Services

Enhance Your Business Continuity with TeleData Maintenance Services​​

Importance of Reliable Telephone Systems

A functioning telephone system is the lifeblood of your business, ensuring continuous communication with customers and colleagues. If it fails, you face disruption. TeleData Services has offered robust telephone system maintenance, and many clients have trusted us since our inception.


Benefits of a Maintenance Contract:

A reliable telephone system is essential for smooth business operations. Unexpected malfunctions can happen at any hour, leaving no time to search for service providers and compare quotes. Companies unfamiliar with your setup might not solve the issue but will still charge a call-out fee. With a TeleData’s maintenance contracts, we guarantee a response within four working hours for major faults. Contracted customers receive priority service, ensuring rapid problem resolution.

Coverage That Counts:

Our maintenance contract covers servicing of the Central Control Unit, its wiring, and key system terminals (excluding analogue phones) in case of a system fault. Additionally, the contract covers:

    • Technical assistance and call-out charges for system issues and needed replacement parts*
    • Minor remote programming adjustments
    • Access to experienced office and field technical engineers
    • Extensive manufacturer support
    • Trip/dispatch fees and remote technical support

Please note, lightning strike damage (usually covered by your insurance) and items needing replacement due to being beyond economical service are not included. All equipment must be repaired or replaced before activating a maintenance contract.

No Maintenance Contract? No Problem!

Without a contract, we can still support your telephone system, but remote programming will incur a minimum fee. Additional replacement parts or visits will be charged separately. Our response time for non-contracted customers isn’t guaranteed, as our engineering team size is based on contracted customers. Although our rates for non-contract clients are competitive, having a contract ensures priority service and financial prudence.

Additional Packages:

  • Hourly Support: Trip/dispatch fees apply.
  • Remote Support: Pay per hour or purchase a discounted block of four hours.
  • Premier Package: Same-day response time, includes trip charge, minimum one-year contract. *Support request must be placed before 1:00pm EST.
  • Premier Plus Package: Four-hour response time, includes trip charge, minimum one-year contract. *Support request must be placed before 1:00pm EST.

Importance of These Services:

Engaging with these services ensures the continuous operation of your telephone system, minimizing business disruption. You get priority, fast response, access to technical expertise, and comprehensive system servicing. Overall, it’s a cost-effective solution for maintaining business continuity and peace of mind.


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