Maintenance Services


What would happen if your phone system stopped working?

The reliability of your telephone system is likely to be a critical success factor for staying in business. TeleData Services has provided a comprehensive and reliable telephone system maintenance service for the past 7 years and many of our customers have remained with us from the very beginning.

Why take out a maintenance contract?

You rely on your telephone for your business and if anything goes wrong you need fast and reliable assistance. Things can go wrong at any time of the day or night, and there’s rarely time to start ringing around for quotes. There’s also no guarantee that companies with no knowledge of your system or programming set-up will be able to fix your problem – but they will still charge you a call-out fee, regardless!


With a TeleData Services maintenance contract, we offer packages that guarantee a response within 4 working hours for a major fault, and our maintained customers take top priority.

What does an TDS maintenance contracts cover?

  • We undertake to service the Central Control Unit in case of a system fault together with its wiring and key system terminals (analogue phones are not included). Technical assistance and/or call out charges for system problems and needed replacement parts are included*.
  • Some small remote programming changes to your system.
  • Experienced Technical Engineers – both office based and field
  • Extensive manufacturer support
  • Include Trip/Dispatch Fees
  • Include Remote Technical Support


* This does not include lightning strikes (which would be covered by your own insurance) or items beyond economical service, but in desperate need of replacement. All equipment must be fixed or paid to replace before a maintenance contract can become active.

What if I don’t pay for a maintenance contract?

We can still offer you support for your telephone system when you need it, but we would charge a minimum fee for remote programming. Any replacement parts or additional visits needed would be charged in addition to this.

We also cannot guarantee our response time for non-maintained customers as the size of our engineering team is calculated by the number of maintained customers, so we can only offer service to non-maintained customers as and when we have engineers available.

Although our fees and terms for non-maintained customers remain competitive, it makes sound financial and business sense to have a maintenance contract in place.


Other Packages offered:

Hourly-  *Trip/Dispatch fees will be charged.

Remote Support- Pay hourly or choose to buy a block of 4 hours at a discounted charge.

Premier – Same business day response time, includes Trip charge. Minimum 1-year contract offered. *Support request must be placed before 1:00pm EST.

Premier Plus – Four (4) hour response time, includes Trip charge. Minimum 1-year contract offered. *Support request must be placed before 1:00pm EST.