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Technology Project Management

Effective project management is critical to the success of every project.  Most business leaders understand that.  However, who you select as your PM is equally important to project success.  With technology projects, a person may be a professionally trained and credentialed PM, but if they do not have current in-depth expertise and experience with the technologies, systems and applications actually being implemented, and clearly understand your IT/IP networking and their interdependencies, their generic process expertise will not be enough.  The devil is in the details, and, if your PM does not understand the technological details, your project is definitely at risk.


Even if you have competent in-house IT staff, you need to ask yourself the three important questions:

  1. Do we have staff with current expertise on the technologies, systems and applications being implemented?
  2. Do we have staff with recent first-hand experience implementing these technologies, systems and applications?
  3. Do  our in-house resources have the time to commit to the project (since they already have “day-jobs”)?

Unless you can answer “yes” all three questions, you need a competent 3rd party technology PM!

Even in construction and major remodel projects with 3rd party construction and project managers, it is well understood that specialized technology PM’s are essential to project success.

With an unparalleled track record of successful technology project management, TELEDATA is frequently retained to provide these services.  We have the latest knowledge, first-hand experience, and the time to effectively coordinate and manage technology projects.  We collaborate well with client staff resources and other construction project team members to complement and supplement available skill sets.

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