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VoIP Telephone Solutions In New York

TeleData Services, LLC, has over 25 years of experience in delivering excellent VoIP telephone, data infrastructure, and IT Managed services in New York. We’re the #1 business in the nation providing optimized, secure, and streamlined IT solutions across all industries. 

Our solutions for voice, video, and managed services include the use of the latest technology offered at affordable prices. We maintain a 5-star rating for customer service satisfaction and strive to offer the best-customized solutions for businesses of every size.

After completing a thorough evaluation of your company, we will suggest solutions that will keep your business competitive as the technology industry continues to develop. Our solutions are designed to scale effortlessly as we anticipate the future growth of your business. 

We believe that staying ahead of the technology curve leads to success. Using the best technology at affordable prices benefits every business. Our team of certified, experienced engineers is partnered with manufacturers such as Avaya, Samsung, NEC, Polycom, and more to ensure that they have the experience to serve your needs.

VoIP Phone System Solutions

Companies that want the most advanced telephone products and solutions for their budgets are increasingly interested in VoIP phone services. VoIP phone system solutions are easy to use and quick to scale, enabling companies to grow and better serve customers. 

We provide the latest VoIP technology with competitive features. TeleData Services ensures that companies are equipped with superior VoIP phone services, and our team provides the knowledgeable services you need to get the most out of this tech. 

Business Telephone Solutions

We offer solutions for any sized business across all industries in New York. Our VoIP business telephone solutions can be customized for any retail, office, manufacturing, logistics, or hospitality site. The VoIP phone solutions we offer include features such as:

  • VoIP, WiFi, DECT, web, and conference phones
  • IVR (interactive voice response)
  • Unlimited calling
  • Call recording and monitoring
  • Call analytics
  • CRM integration

Our business phone solutions in New York are affordable and provide innovative advantages across all industries. contact us today.

IT Managed Services

Partnering with TeleData Services for your IT management needs will enable you to refocus back on your business, with confidence that all IT systems are managed efficiently. Our IT managed services are an excellent way to ensure your business runs smoothly. 

We set up service from our state-of-the-art data centers on servers designed to ensure the highest levels of security, flexibility, and availability. Our IT staff will work with you to ensure your technology infrastructure becomes more stable, your technology costs are more consistent, and your ancillary costs become predictable. 

Surveillance System Solutions

Whether you need a system that covers multiple locations or a single storefront,  TeleData Services will evaluate your company’s surveillance and security needs while providing affordable and reliable solutions. 

We partner with the best manufacturers for the latest, cutting-edge technology available in the market. All surveillance and security solutions can be customized for your company’s needs, and include zoned access control, in addition to analog and IP cameras. 

ROI Services

We believe that all businesses can benefit from ROI analysis that enables them to save money without sacrificing quality. Keeping technology running can be expensive, but we’ve helped multiple companies save an average of 25% on technology and telephone costs.

If you’d like to lower your monthly premiums or simply want to have a comprehensive ROI analysis service to keep your business on track, ask for a cost analysis. 

Exclusive Partnerships

We believe that our partnerships allow us to provide the best phone system solutions and IT managed services to the public. TeleData Services partners with Hikvision, SonicWall, HP, Optimum, Verizon, Spectrum, Panasonic, Avaya, Mitel, 8X8, and many other providers. Ask about our other partnerships today.

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