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Advanced Video Solutions: 5 Ways to Customize Your Surveillance System

Protecting property against potential theft, vandalism, or trespassing is important for many home and business owners. Monitoring public and private property is often the only way to identify suspects and take action when crimes occur.

This limitation means it’s essential to have a security surveillance system. CCTV cameras offer users the opportunity to closely monitor important locations for potential criminal activity.

Why Use a Custom Surveillance System?

Custom surveillance systems offer many benefits to users who want to document and report criminal activity. The deployment of custom surveillance systems makes it easier to protect personal property and individuals from potential harm.

With security surveillance systems, crime incidents can be reduced, creating safer spaces for everybody. Customized security surveillance systems feature many options, including:

  • HD
  • Night vision
  • Motion and event detection
  • Remove viewing
  • Recording and DVR storage

These features are often available alongside client-side apps that allow users to access, control, and manage their systems from a smartphone or computing device.

How to Customize Your Surveillance System

There are many good options when creating custom surveillance systems. From storage capacity to delivery and control capabilities, custom security surveillance systems offer on-demand access to real-time monitoring for property owners who need the best defense.

For the best security systems that fit your needs, consider these 5 available options for customization:

1. Storage Drives

When monitoring their properties for criminal activity, landowners need to have access to enough storage for any videos that might contain potential incidents. Considering important factors such as storage size, type, and brand will ensure custom surveillance systems are built with the needs of the user in mind.

If you’re not sure how much storage is needed, remember that the more information you want stored, the more space will be required.

Storage capacity ranges anywhere from a few hundred gigabytes to multiple terabytes of data. Understanding the difference between SSD, HDD, and cloud storage capabilities will help you create long-term solutions that fit your needs.

2. Durability

Taking account of where and how a security camera will be deployed will go a long way in protecting your system from wear and tear. Indoor and outdoor setups will have different requirements that are essential to consider beforehand.

If you’re using an outdoor camera setup, consider weatherproofing and the materials that the cameras are made of. This hardening will keep important devices from being destroyed by bad weather or attempted vandalism.

3. Power Delivery

Another important consideration for users deploying custom security surveillance systems on their properties is how power will be delivered. For many setups, cables will be enough. However, for more distant or remote deployments, it may be necessary to use batteries, which will have consequences for maintenance over time.

Consider how often you need to record and explore specific time intervals to save time and money on power delivery. By effectively managing your security system, you’ll be able to reduce the amount of effort you have to put into keeping your systems up and running.

4. Networking

For many security systems, connectivity is essential for ongoing monitoring and surveillance of the property. This requirement means that users have to carefully consider whether their networks will be wired or wireless.

With wired networks, you will have better connectivity but less flexibility. Wireless networks offer a larger range of devices to connect with less complex equipment setup required.

5. Control

Users who need continuous access to their security systems should consider whether their equipment comes with specific functions or is packaged with other products. The existence of an up-to-date and easy-to-use application ecosystem makes it much easier for users to receive support when dealing with their custom surveillance systems.

The delivery of security services should come with accessibility in mind. If you want better control over your security surveillance system, consider the use of managed security services.

Turn to Teledata for Better Protection

Do you need help with your custom security camera installation? Teledata has best-in-class services for users who need high-quality VoIP, telephony, and surveillance.

Teledata’s managed surveillance system solutions offer exclusive opportunities and partnerships so you can build advanced video solutions that fit your needs. Build your security camera system with Teledata today!

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