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What Is a Hosted Phone System?

Phone systems allow businesses to deal with ongoing demands and communicate across multiple teams. Traditional site-based phone systems give users a reliable way to stay connected but are generally less flexible and present limitations when used in large-scale operations.

Business leaders who want access to remote platforms for voice can use hosted phone systems to deploy important tools and services no matter what their situation.

Why Do You Need a Phone System for Your Business?

Growing businesses need reliable communication and data-sharing platforms for creating projects, assessing demand, and building client relationships. With access to telephone systems, employees can transfer important calls across departments, share operational records, and instantaneously access available support.

What Is an On-Premise Phone System?

Businesses that opt to locally deploy their phone systems can create custom call routing architecture that they can control directly. This, however, comes at a cost. On-premise phone systems require ongoing maintenance, investment, and support. This means that businesses will spend time and money finding the best equipment, deploying it, and establishing support networks to ensure ongoing stability.

What Is a Hosted Phone System?

Hosted phone systems are remotely accessible and give users a variety of tools for keeping track of calls, contracts, and messages. This makes it easier for users to share important information with one another across wider distances. Hosted phone systems enable agencies to deliver better support for critical services. When business models start to become more complex, decision-makers need a reliable, expandable platform for tracking communications across multiple user channels.

What Are the Benefits of a Hosted Phone System?

Why use a hosted phone system? While traditional on-premises phone systems are central to scaling operations and providing better consumer experiences, there are many limitations for businesses that don’t have the time or resources to focus on internal services.

A hosted phone system enables easy setup, improved cost savings, and a more manageable and secure environment for important operations.

Easy to Use

Businesses need tools and platforms that are accessible and user-friendly. Hosted phone systems offer simple and easy-to-use tools and features that employees can leverage to ease their workloads and improve client experiences. Hosted phone systems make it simple for more users to take advantage of cloud-based communications platforms.


For businesses that want to save money as they grow, it’s essential to have scalable architecture that can be easily maintained without too much investment. Hosted phone systems provide a cost-effective way for decision-makers to grow their operations. With hosted phone systems, businesses can put money where it’s needed.


Administrators require access to comprehensive phone systems they can maintain with little oversight. A hosted phone system is much easier to manage, offering a centralized platform that business leaders can use to make better decisions. A hosted phone system means fine-tuned control over voice networks, leading to higher productivity and well-organized workflows.


When businesses rely on their phone systems for important functions, they leave themselves vulnerable to potential cyberattacks and data theft. Hosted phone systems are designed to be resilient, offering users tools and software for monitoring and protection against harmful activity. Hosted phone systems are a vital resource for defense against ongoing threats.

Get Managed Voice Services with Teledata

Do you have confidence in your voice services? Internal telephone infrastructure is susceptible to disruptions and security breaches, which can leave your business unable to communicate and share important information when it matters most.

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At Teledata, we understand the complexity of IT infrastructure. Our streamlined deployments will allow your business to run smoothly. We’ll give you secure, fully-managed voice capabilities that meet the unique needs of your business.

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